Hello stranger,

This is the first post on this blog, let’s say this is some kind of welcome post. I don’t know if you are here by accident or if you are interested in our work. This blog will describe steps of developing a game for android devices. The game will be “a platformer with roguelite elements and character bouncing from walls”. I know it sounds weird, that’s one of the reasons why I make this blog. I want to explain how we make some elements of this game and ask you about suggestions. Game is now in prototype version, it contains basic mechanics and assets. More information about actual state of the game will be described in the further post next week.

Who are we?

Creator of this blog (me) is just-graduated student. In the creation process I will be responsible for programming, game design and communicating with you. My roommate – second half of the team – will be responsible for creating pixel art, level design and enemy design. I have already made three games: Sacrificial Path, Rogue Star and F***ing ball. First of them is very important for me, because it’s my first game and a lot of players liked it. Unfortunately my inexperience in publishing it caused this game to “disappear” in the store, however every day there is someone who founds it and plays it. I will make a special post about this game to describe process of creating it, all the mechanics and things that make this game hard to update. In Rogue Star game you can see artistic abilities of my roommate – he created all the ships in this game. You can find Google Play Store links on this site.

The Idea

After graduating I have decided to give a chance to my passion, which is game development. I want to see if this “campaign” works out and if creating a game can be a full time job. The idea is to use Patreon page for voluntary payments of people interested in our project. I want this to be an active interaction between us and you, exchange of the ideas. And here is the question – why would you trust us – we are some random guys from nowhere. That’s why I have started this blog – I want it to be the proof of ongoing work on this game. I will be posting here AT LEAST once a week, if the plan works out and we will be able to pay the rent and buy food – that’s great – we are creating this game, otherwise  –  we are creating this game anyway but only as a hobby in spare time. I will post here anyways.

The Plan

We don’t have any special business plan describing what we are going to do. The only thing that we are interested in is developing the game and surviving next month. We want to make small but steady steps towards our goal which is creating this game. The first thing to do is – what we are actually doing – creating this blog and Patreon account and show it on social media. Next step will be showing our game that we are going to make. See you guys in the next posts!

P.S. Some icons of in-game weapons below.



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