Rundone Heroes – Update #7

This week we were working on polishing demo version of the game. We have added three playable characters:

char1Commando – gets more ammo from ammo packs and items.

char2Gunslinger – killing an enemy reduces shoot delay.

char3Subject X – gets will at the start of every stage.

Also there is new character selection screen:


We have added new weapon and new item:

minigun_icon Minigun – high fire rate but low accuracy .

33  Playing card – chance to increase or deacrease damage by 20%. Resets every wave.

We have also added tips on the first stage. We are going to add some animations for opening door etc, last final touches before releasing a demo. We also want to create a trailer for the demo version. There is high chance we will release demo upcoming week.

Meanwhile if you need some roguelite action you can play my first game – Sacrificial Path

See you next week,



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