Rundone Heroes – Update #8 Demo Available

Hey everyone, demo version is finally avaiable!

You can download it here:

Google Play Link Link

Waiting to hear what you think about it!




Rundone Heroes – Update #7

This week we were working on polishing demo version of the game. We have added three playable characters:

char1Commando – gets more ammo from ammo packs and items.

char2Gunslinger – killing an enemy reduces shoot delay.

char3Subject X – gets will at the start of every stage.

Also there is new character selection screen:


We have added new weapon and new item:

minigun_icon Minigun – high fire rate but low accuracy .

33  Playing card – chance to increase or deacrease damage by 20%. Resets every wave.

We have also added tips on the first stage. We are going to add some animations for opening door etc, last final touches before releasing a demo. We also want to create a trailer for the demo version. There is high chance we will release demo upcoming week.

Meanwhile if you need some roguelite action you can play my first game – Sacrificial Path

See you next week,


Rundone Heroes – Update #6

This week I focused on optimizing the game rather than creating new content. We have almost done creating demo version of the game. Now we want to add basic sounds for guns, enemies and maybe some music. We have last layout for the third stage of the first level.


I have optimized the game by creating pools of objects instead of instantiating them every time they are needed. For example: creating bullets every time player shoots is way slower than deactivating and reactivating them when shooting. Same with particles coins, etc.

We have added 9 new items, last of them is especially interesting, it gives you a chance to shoot projectiles of your second weapon. For example if you are using rifle and you have crossbow in your second slot you can shoot series of bolts instead of regular bullets.


Well, again it’s pretty short update today. I think I’ll have to make notes about our progress every day because I just don’t remember what I was doing on Monday. I’m trying to recall what I did but doesn’t work. Ok, so I hope we will release this goddamn demo next week, I really want to show it to the world.

See you next week,


Rundone Heroes – Update #5

Welcome to the next devblog entry! This week I will show you new layouts of the two stages of the first level, new weapons, items and prototype of the shop menu where you can buy weapons and items during playthrough. Demo version is almost there!

Game title

We have finally came up with the title – Rundone Heroes. Why Rundone? It’s a combination fo two words: Run and Undone, “run” – because characters in this game always run, if they touch the wall they only switch the way, “undone” – because they can’t die, if they fail their mission they return to the capsule and start all over again. And “heroes” bacause game is about them, they have to face enemies, upgrade their skills and find out what happend to the world.

Level Layouts

The first layout shows the place where your character starts its journey. It’s some kind of abandoned laboratory with some capsules, your character was released from one of them. NewLayout2.png

After killing all enemies on the first stage, you enter a huge magazine containing even more of these green capsules. There are some of the most dangerous monsters that have ever walked the earth, trapped in the capsules. But why your character was also in one of them?


New weapons and items

This week we have added 12 new items and four new weapons. Some of the items affect behaviour of the projectiles, increase chance to get gold and change players movement.


The new weapons are: two energy weapons, with high rate of fire but low damage, and two kind of shotguns: with huge short range damage.


The Shop

We have added new feature – shop before the boss room. You can buy there new weapons and items to support your build. There are also consumables: ammo, health and keys.


That’s it for this week, thank you for reading! I want to ask you about something. If you are interested in this game and want to support us, please consider becoming a Patron.

See you next week!


Update #4

Boss fight

This week, we have finally finished working on the first boss. Every level has three sections (screens). In every section player has to kill three waves of enemies. After finishing 3rd wave in 3rd section, the boss appears. We are still balancing the fight with him. He uses two kinds of attack: he swings his tail creating wave on the floor and three slimes on his back, shoot at the player.

Mutated Rat

New mechanic: Roll

We have decided to add roll mechanic that lets the player avoid damage. Using it pushes player forwards and it makes him invulnerable when rolling. This mechanic lets us create more advanced attacks performed by enemies.


New items

We have also decided to create some items to make gameplay more diverse and fun. Some of them change the behaviour of the bullets, buff players ability to shoot and reload weapons, restore health and ammo. Some of them are shown below.


Thats it for today, if you want to see more detailed progress just let me know here, on Twitter or via email, I will create longer posts describing all the items, etc.

See you next week!


Update #3


This week we were working on refining the first level. We have almost finished working on the first boss. It will be mutated rat controlled by oozes. We have its idle animation and one of the three attacks. We wanted him to have easy to learn and understand mechanics. First attack is ground strike with its tail which causes shock wave. Below we showed this attacks animation.


The other two attacks will be: Oozes, located on the shoulders of the rat, shooting acid and melee attack when player gets to close to the rat. Probably we will finish the boss this week.

We have created final art for the first playable character: some kind of soldier whose design is based on certain action movie character.


We have also created first legendary weapon – Phantom Ripper. It’s a crossbow shooting five bolts that bounce from walls.



This week’s post is pretty short. We worked all week but we were focused more on the code cleaning and optimization rather than content creating. Next week we should release demo version of our game with first playable level. That’s it this week, thanks for reading and see you another time!


About the game

It’s time to say something more about our game. As I said in previous post it’s going to be a platformer with bouncing from walls and roguelite elements. Player’s goal is to defeat all enemy waves in one room in order to advance to the next one. Players have variety of ranged weapons and passive items at their disposal. Defeated enemies can drop keys that can be used to open chests. They contain two types of gear: weapons and items. Player can only have two weapons at given time. Items are permanent and they will give player passive effects, like more health, chance to poison enemies additional effects for bullets, etc.


Character is automatically running forward, when it hits a wall his direction is changed (for example from left to right). Player can jump and shoot. This kind of constraints exist because touch input is annoying for this kind of game. I wanted to reduce number of buttons to minimum. Additionally player can switch between weapons and reload them by clicking on their icons. Below is a screenshot from prototype version. All the basic systems are working.


Weapons and items

They will be grouped based on their rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary. They will be chosen randomly from the pool based on some probability – the better the rarity the lower chance for it to drop. I want common weapons to be an image of real weapons like: pistols, rifles, or even crossbows. Rare weapons should be modified versions of common weapons, for example, rifle that freezes the enemies. Epic weapons should be, kind of “not from this world”, what I mean is, they should be kind of unique, for example: fireball thrower. There is no legendary weapon created yet but I want them to have uniqueness of the epic weapons and some kind of passive ability that can’t be obtained from items. Additionally I don’t want the power creep to happen – the rarity should influence the diversity, not the power.

I don’t know if rarity should influence the power of the item, I think rarity should affect the way how much given item changes the gameplay. Common items should give small bonuses like more health, faster reloading, more ammo in clips, etc.



Ice Rifle


Fireball Thrower



There will be three currencies: keys, gold and cash. Keys, obviously, let the player open the chests that contain weapons and items. Gold will allow the player to buy new items and weapons, restore ammo and health in the shops that he finds find between levels. Player will receive cash for killing bosses. It can be spend to unlock new items and weapons that will appear during the game.


Diversity of levels will be based on platform placement. It will be chosen from previously created pool of placements. Enemy spawning areas will be based on level design, for example, on the first level the enemies are coming out from the pipes placed on ceiling and wall.

What’s next

Now we want to create one playable level. It will have three different rooms with regular enemies, a boss room and shop between two random levels. We are also going to add more items and weapons.

See you next week!



Hello stranger,

This is the first post on this blog, let’s say this is some kind of welcome post. I don’t know if you are here by accident or if you are interested in our work. This blog will describe steps of developing a game for android devices. The game will be “a platformer with roguelite elements and character bouncing from walls”. I know it sounds weird, that’s one of the reasons why I make this blog. I want to explain how we make some elements of this game and ask you about suggestions. Game is now in prototype version, it contains basic mechanics and assets. More information about actual state of the game will be described in the further post next week.

Who are we?

Creator of this blog (me) is just-graduated student. In the creation process I will be responsible for programming, game design and communicating with you. My roommate – second half of the team – will be responsible for creating pixel art, level design and enemy design. I have already made three games: Sacrificial Path, Rogue Star and F***ing ball. First of them is very important for me, because it’s my first game and a lot of players liked it. Unfortunately my inexperience in publishing it caused this game to “disappear” in the store, however every day there is someone who founds it and plays it. I will make a special post about this game to describe process of creating it, all the mechanics and things that make this game hard to update. In Rogue Star game you can see artistic abilities of my roommate – he created all the ships in this game. You can find Google Play Store links on this site.

The Idea

After graduating I have decided to give a chance to my passion, which is game development. I want to see if this “campaign” works out and if creating a game can be a full time job. The idea is to use Patreon page for voluntary payments of people interested in our project. I want this to be an active interaction between us and you, exchange of the ideas. And here is the question – why would you trust us – we are some random guys from nowhere. That’s why I have started this blog – I want it to be the proof of ongoing work on this game. I will be posting here AT LEAST once a week, if the plan works out and we will be able to pay the rent and buy food – that’s great – we are creating this game, otherwise  –  we are creating this game anyway but only as a hobby in spare time. I will post here anyways.

The Plan

We don’t have any special business plan describing what we are going to do. The only thing that we are interested in is developing the game and surviving next month. We want to make small but steady steps towards our goal which is creating this game. The first thing to do is – what we are actually doing – creating this blog and Patreon account and show it on social media. Next step will be showing our game that we are going to make. See you guys in the next posts!

P.S. Some icons of in-game weapons below.