Rundone Heroes – Update #6

This week I focused on optimizing the game rather than creating new content. We have almost done creating demo version of the game. Now we want to add basic sounds for guns, enemies and maybe some music. We have last layout for the third stage of the first level.


I have optimized the game by creating pools of objects instead of instantiating them every time they are needed. For example: creating bullets every time player shoots is way slower than deactivating and reactivating them when shooting. Same with particles coins, etc.

We have added 9 new items, last of them is especially interesting, it gives you a chance to shoot projectiles of your second weapon. For example if you are using rifle and you have crossbow in your second slot you can shoot series of bolts instead of regular bullets.


Well, again it’s pretty short update today. I think I’ll have to make notes about our progress every day because I just don’t remember what I was doing on Monday. I’m trying to recall what I did but doesn’t work. Ok, so I hope we will release this goddamn demo next week, I really want to show it to the world.

See you next week,



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