Rundone Heroes – Update #5

Welcome to the next devblog entry! This week I will show you new layouts of the two stages of the first level, new weapons, items and prototype of the shop menu where you can buy weapons and items during playthrough. Demo version is almost there!

Game title

We have finally came up with the title – Rundone Heroes. Why Rundone? It’s a combination fo two words: Run and Undone, “run” – because characters in this game always run, if they touch the wall they only switch the way, “undone” – because they can’t die, if they fail their mission they return to the capsule and start all over again. And “heroes” bacause game is about them, they have to face enemies, upgrade their skills and find out what happend to the world.

Level Layouts

The first layout shows the place where your character starts its journey. It’s some kind of abandoned laboratory with some capsules, your character was released from one of them. NewLayout2.png

After killing all enemies on the first stage, you enter a huge magazine containing even more of these green capsules. There are some of the most dangerous monsters that have ever walked the earth, trapped in the capsules. But why your character was also in one of them?


New weapons and items

This week we have added 12 new items and four new weapons. Some of the items affect behaviour of the projectiles, increase chance to get gold and change players movement.


The new weapons are: two energy weapons, with high rate of fire but low damage, and two kind of shotguns: with huge short range damage.


The Shop

We have added new feature – shop before the boss room. You can buy there new weapons and items to support your build. There are also consumables: ammo, health and keys.


That’s it for this week, thank you for reading! I want to ask you about something. If you are interested in this game and want to support us, please consider becoming a Patron.

See you next week!



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