Update #4

Boss fight

This week, we have finally finished working on the first boss. Every level has three sections (screens). In every section player has to kill three waves of enemies. After finishing 3rd wave in 3rd section, the boss appears. We are still balancing the fight with him. He uses two kinds of attack: he swings his tail creating wave on the floor and three slimes on his back, shoot at the player.

Mutated Rat

New mechanic: Roll

We have decided to add roll mechanic that lets the player avoid damage. Using it pushes player forwards and it makes him invulnerable when rolling. This mechanic lets us create more advanced attacks performed by enemies.


New items

We have also decided to create some items to make gameplay more diverse and fun. Some of them change the behaviour of the bullets, buff players ability to shoot and reload weapons, restore health and ammo. Some of them are shown below.


Thats it for today, if you want to see more detailed progress just let me know here, on Twitter or via email, I will create longer posts describing all the items, etc.

See you next week!



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