Update #3


This week we were working on refining the first level. We have almost finished working on the first boss. It will be mutated rat controlled by oozes. We have its idle animation and one of the three attacks. We wanted him to have easy to learn and understand mechanics. First attack is ground strike with its tail which causes shock wave. Below we showed this attacks animation.


The other two attacks will be: Oozes, located on the shoulders of the rat, shooting acid and melee attack when player gets to close to the rat. Probably we will finish the boss this week.

We have created final art for the first playable character: some kind of soldier whose design is based on certain action movie character.


We have also created first legendary weapon – Phantom Ripper. It’s a crossbow shooting five bolts that bounce from walls.



This week’s post is pretty short. We worked all week but we were focused more on the code cleaning and optimization rather than content creating. Next week we should release demo version of our game with first playable level. That’s it this week, thanks for reading and see you another time!



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